Outreach Activities

Program for 6th grade girls

Dr. Tiwari's group hosted an outreach event for 6th grade girls on May 26, 2015. In addition to viewing the facilities and seeing the work that is performed in the NMRL, the girls got to enjoy a hands-on activity involving thermoelectric power generation. Much fun was had by all, and the event was a great success. 


Program for K-12 students and teachers

Dr. Tiwari's research group puts significant amount of efforts on outreach activities that bring high school students and teachers into contact with materials science department.

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Summer Research Program for Minority Students

Dr. Tiwari has a very strong research collaboration with NCA&T State University (a leading HBCU minority institution). As a part of this collaboration a summer research program is offered every year for minority students. In this program, minority undergraduate students from NCA&T, Utah State University and University of Utah spend 4 weeks at the University of Utah Nanofabrication Laboratory.

GEAR program for Female Students

Dr. Tiwari works closely with the University of Utah’s Hi-GEAR (Girls’ Engineering Abilities Realized) program to introduce high school female students to the excitement of advanced materials research.

Collaboration with Utah Science Center Museum

Dr. Tiwari's research group collaborates very actively with the Utah Science Center Museum to familiarize a broader audience with the importance of advanced materials research.

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